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Gallery: An artist takes more than a professional interest in his sexy nude model...

Gallery: Marooned on a tropical island, this couple while away the time with each other...

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Site Review - For The Girls

If you're looking for erotic entertainment with a romantic side, you need look no further than this new women's erotica site. For The Girls has an entire archive of galleries labelled Romantic!

These photo sets depict sexy couples getting it on in romantic fashion. There's kissing, there's foreplay, there's eye contact, there's sensuality. You can sense the connection between the people in the photos. These pictures portray sex that will satisfy your emotions while they get your heart pumping!

Of course, if you're ready for something harder, there are plenty of hardcore photos and movies. The site philosophy says all the content is chosen because it depicts female pleasure and a woman's experience of good sex. I know it got my heart pumping. There's some really hot cunnilingus galleries that were well worth the entry fee.

This site also has a huge number of naked men galleries - there's a range of hunks, muscle men, black guys, older men, and even amateur blokes having a go. No matter what you're taste in men, you'll find them here.

On top of that you get an entire women's magazine. The owners of this site have done a huge amount of work to make this very similar to Cosmopolitan, or Nerve. There's some great articles on such diverse topics as autofellatio, the history of the vibrator, choosing the sex of your baby, and female sexual dysfunction. There's also some great columns which put a hilarious spin on sex. For The Girls also offers sex advice, including the rather bizarre but very funny advice of Grandma Scrotum.

Then there are the reviews, the sex news, the games, the screensavers... all those fun little additions that keep you occupied.

If you're sick of the barely-gay stuff that's on offer at many allegedly "for women" sites (I know I am), I recommend For The Girls. For once you're getting real erotica for women, made by women.

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